Kafe Sobaka

Restoran Pomegranate

                        A ménage à trois of Georgian, Russian, & California Cuisine





2469 Broadway

San Diego, CA 92102

Restaurant: 619-297-4007

Catering: 619-702-2007




Happy Hours

4pm – 6pm daily

A menu designed for those who own socks not stocks


Tapatchka      $4.50 each

Eggplant Roll

Beet Salat

Carrot Salat



Salat Vesna









Scoop of ice cream

Cocktails (available any time and made with Petrov 20% vodka)


Blenheim’s Spicy Mule: Blenheim hot ginger ale with chili vodka $10


Blenheim’s Herbal Mule: Blenheim hot ginger ale with marigold, tarragon or mint vodka $10


Blenheim’s Sweet Mule: Blenheim not so hot ginger ale with sour cherry or black currant vodka $10


Bloody Russians: horseradish infused vodka with spicy tomato juice. $10 For the bravest of heart add a second shot of chili vodka for an extra $5


Bulgakov’s Margarita: Sour Cherry, tequila, triple sec, and lemon juice $10


Poochini Martini: Cucumber Lemon vodka and vermouth $10


Ksenia’s Coffee: Sweet, strong, and full of vodka $10


Fornication on the banks of the Volga River: Triple sec, nectarine raspberry vodka, and apricot juice. $12


Suicide in Siberia: Blend any three vodkas in a glass with ice. $14


Fur of the Sobaka: Cucumber/lemon Vodka, borjomi, and pickled spear $12



Infused vodkas

Pomegranate,   Black Currant,   Tarragon,   Ginger,   Blood Orange,   Tamarind,   Marigold,   Pomelo,   Chestnut,   Turkish Coffee,  Lemon,   Mint,   Chili,   Rose,   Sour Cherry,   Orange/Chocolate,   Walnut,   Apple,   Honey Vanilla,   Tea,   Horseradish,   Cucumber/Lemon,   *Vodka of the Moment


Bottled Beers

Russian, Georgian, Armenian, Polish, Ukranian, Czech, and American ask your server for recommendations


Draft Beer

Stella Artois



California and Argentina by the glass or bottle

Georgian – bottle only




All beers $5.50

All vodka comes with a complimentary plate of mixed pickles








Home Dinner menu