Kafe Sobaka

Restoran Pomegranate


2469 Broadway

San Diego, CA 92102

Restaurant: 619-297-4007

Catering: 619-702-2007



Curiosities of the Pomegranate Sobaka


Kvevri - Georgian method of winemaking, perhaps the original method of making wine

Sergei Paradjanov - Tbilisi-born Armenian film director and artist who made significant contributions to cinema. Known for the visually striking movie with fantastic scenes of Tbilisi and Yerevan- The Color of Pomegranate

Sergey Dovlatov - Most entertaining and witty depictor of Russian immigrant life in New York City

Joseph Brodsky - Nobel Prize winner and pride of the Russian philosophical community in New York City. PART OF SPEECH is the favorite book of his.

Orera - Super cool 1960's Georgian pop band blending Georgian Polyphonic with jazz and pop. Featuring a young Vahtang "Buba" Kikabidze

Records on Bones - Soviet era underground record production on x-ray film

Mighty Sparrow - Tribute to Laika

The Art of Propaganda - Soviet & American

Pirosmani - Georgian painter whose style excited the European Avant Garde in the early 1900's

Bulat Okudjava - The reason why this restaurant exists is because of this poet!

Otar Ioselliani - 36 hours in Tbilisi

The Village of Gusevka - Due to the unfortunate lack of electricity in the village of Gusevka for the past 20 years we were not able to contact the great villagers of Gusevka (who are frost bitten without heat but nevertheless, hopeful to someday use their Gold Master Cards Visa to lure more tourists. Who can come and watch their TV sets that have not being working for the past 20 years. ) In the meantime you can eat borscht, look at the pleasant weather in the region and hope for the best!

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Comrades of the Sobaka Pomegranate


The Urban Dog - Puccini's' favorite and most unreliable dog walking service. We highly recommend this service!

Curt Bouterse - Historical scholar, musician, instrument maker, and comrade to Sobaka Pomegranate.

Saboteur Kitchen - friends/caterers of cruelty-free cuisine in it's infancy.

Tin Can Mailman Books - Head General of our ROSCOSMOS fan club. Plus the best place in Arcata, CA for a sip of Mongolian yak butter tea.

Alpine Dog Ranch - Not only a fine place for your dog to vacation but their website boasts some lovely pictures of Puccini.

America's Funnyman - Glasha's brother escapee and pride of Gusevka

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